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The Faculty of Biology. Belarusian State University. English Version.  


Address: 4, Nezavisimost ave., Minsk, 220030 Belarus

Telephone: +375(17)2095807

Fax: +375(17)2095808

E-mail: zoobsu.by

Web page: www.bio.bsu.by/zoology

Location: 10, Kurchatova str., Minsk, 2d floor.

The Department of Zoology was founded in 1921 by professor A.V. Fedjushin.

Specialists are trained in three specializations: «Zoology», «Zoology of Invertebrates» and «Zoology of Vertebrates». By post-graduate courses specialists are also trained in «Zoology» and «Entomology».


3 professors, 5 associate professors, 3 post-graduate students.

Currently at the Department of Zoology the staff is:

Head of Department – Professor S. V. Buga

Professors: I. K. Lopatin, V. Ye. Sidorovich

Associate Professors: L. D. Burko, J. Ye. Meleshko, O. Yu. Kruglova, O. I. Borodin, O. L. Nesterova, V. I. Khvir

Senior Lecturers: N. Ye. Burko, D. L. Petrov, A. V. Balash.

Assistants: V. V. Sakhvon, N. V. Voronova, A. N. Faibich.

Scientists: F. V. Sautkin, A. A. Sidorovich.

Invited specialists are reading a number of special courses and supervising the implementation of students’ educational research work:

Professor G. A. Galkovskaya

Doctor of Biological Sciences E. I. Anisimova

PhD A. V. Derunkov

Main Courses of Studies:

•   Zoology of Invertebrates

•   Zoology of Vertebrates

•   Functional Zoology

Department courses:

•   Methods of Zoological Research

•   Animals of Belarus

•   Zoogeography

•   Teriology

•   Parasitology

•   Entomology

•   Population ecology of animals

•   Ethology

•   Protozoology

•   Animal Ecology

•   Ecological physiology of Vertebrates

•   Zoosystematics

Main Directions of Scientific Activity:

•   The study of biological variety of the fauna of Belarus at the species, population and biocenosis level;

•   Insect Morphology;

•   Insect Taxonomy;

•   Applied Zoology, Entomology and Parasitology;

•   Bioinformatics.

The main textbooks and manuals issued by the staff of the department in recent years

(In Russian):

Buga, S.V. Animal Ecology: lecture notes. - Minsk: BSU , 2005.

Buga, S. V. Information technology in the work with scientific text. - Minsk: BSU, 2005.

Buga, S. V., Kalatskaya, L. M. Informatics: lectures. - Minsk: BSU, 2003.

Burko, L. D. Zoology of Vertebrate: lectures. - Minsk: BSU, 2006.

Burko, L. D., Balazs, A. V., Burko, N. E. Vertebrate Zoology: workshops for students. - Minsk: BSU, 2006.

Lopatin, I.K. Zoological Systematics: lecture notes. - Minsk: BSU, 2005.

Lopatin, I.K. e.a. Taxonomy of invertebrates: manual. - Minsk: BSU, 2008.
Meleshko, J. Ye., Shalapenok E. S. Short key of water invertebrate animals. - Minsk: BSU, 2005.

Shalapenok, E. S. General parasitology: lectures. - Minsk: BSU, 2004.

Shalapenok, E. S., Kamlyuk L. V. Biology: tests for secondary school/ - M.: Iris Press, 2007.

The most important scientific publications in recent years:

Lopatin, I. K., Nesterova, O. L. Insects Belarus: leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). – Minsk: Tehnoprint, 2005. 294 pp. (in Russian).

Borodin, О. I. A checklist of the Auchenorrhyncha of Belarus (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha et Cicadomorpha) // Beitrage zur Zikadenkunde. 2004. Bd. 7. S. 29-48.

Buga, S. V., Rakauskas, R. Recent additions to the aphid fauna of Belarus // Acta Zoologica Lituanica. 2003. Vol. 13, n. 3. P. 396-402.

Kruglova, O. Yu., Zvereva, E. L., Kozlov, M. V. Color polymorphism in relation to population dynamics of the leaf beetle Chrysomela lapponica // Evolutionary Ecology. 2002. Vol. 16, n. 6. P. 523-539.

Meleshko, J. Ye., Korotyaev, B. A. Two new species of the weevil genus Polydrusus Germar (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) from Iran // Contributions to Systematics and Biology of Beetles. Papers Celebrating the 80th Birthday of Igor Konstantinovich Lopatin. Sofia; Moscow: Pensoft Publishers. Series Faunistica. 2005. Vol. 43. P. 289-297.

Buga, S. V., Stekolshchikov, A. V. First record of Uroleucon murale from Byelorussia with description of oviparous female // Zoosystematica Rossica. 2006. Vol. 15, n. 1. P. 69-72.

Lopatin, I. К., Nesterova, O. L. A new species of Acolastus from United Arab Emirates (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cryptocephalinae) // Zoosystematica Rossica. 2007. Vol. 15, n. 2. P. 308.

Lopatin, I. K. Order Coleoptera, family Chrysomelidae /1. // Arthropod fauna of the United Arab Emirates. 2008. Vol. 1. P. 312-324.

Stekolshchikov, A.V., Leshchinskaya, N.V., Buga, S.V. Hitherto unknown morphs of two species of the genus Aphis (Homoptera: Aphididae) // Zoosystematica Rossica. 2008. Vol. 17, n. 1. P. 73-78.

Stekolshchikov, A.V., Buga, S.V., Leshchinskaya, N.V. Addition to the aphid fauna of Belarus (Homoptera: Aphidoidea) with detailed description of sexuales of Semiaphis anthrisci (Kaltenbach, 1843) // Zoosystematica Rossica. 2008. Vol. 17, n. 1. P. 61-66.

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