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The Faculty of Biology. Belarusian State University. English Version.  


Address: 4, Nezavisimost Ave., Minsk, 220030, Belarus

Telephone: +375(17)2095810

Fax: +375(17)2095808

E-mail: ecodepttut.by

Web page: http://bio.bsu.by/ecology/

Location: 10, Kurchatova str., Minsk, 1d floor.

The department was founded in 1974. During the time of existence it was headed by ass. prof. V.P. Lyachnovich (1974-1985), prof. N.M. Kryuchkova (1985-1996), Dr. A.Yu. Karatayev (1997-2001).

At present the department is headed by ass. prof. Grichik Vasily Vitalievich. The teaching staff of the department consists of 2 doctors of sciences, 5 associate professors, 3 assistants. The teaching process is organized with the help of 3 members of auxiliary personnel.


Professors: L.V. Kamlyuk, Ya. K. Kulikov.

Associate professors: V.V. Grichik, N.G. Eryomova, T.A. Makarevich, G.A. Semenyuk.

Senior lecturer: A.A. Zhukova

Assistants: M.L. Minets, E.E. Gayevsky, M.Yu. Nemchinov.

Methodologist: S.N. Tarasevich.

Technicians: G.G. Vezhnovets, V.V. Kuzmenko.

Higher education staff training

For the period of the department existence the doctoral thesis and two candidate's theses have been defended. Every year 1-2 post-graduates take training courses at the department.

The teaching staff provides lecturing and study process on the following subjects:

– Biometrics (ass. M.P. Minets)

– Ecology and Rational Nature Management (ass. profs. V.V. Grichik, G.A. Semenyuk, prof. L.V. Kamlyuk)

– Methods of Biology Teaching (ass. prof. V.V. Grichik, prof. L.V. Kamlyuk)

– Methods of Educational Work (ass. prof. V.V. Grichik)

– General Ecology (ass. profs. G.A. Semenyuk, T.A. Makarevich)

– Soil Science (prof. Ya. K. Kulikov)

– Consumers and Their Role in Ecosystems (corresponding member V.P. Semenchenko)

– Plant and Animal Resources (ass. profs. V.V. Chernik, V.V. Grichik)

– Ecological Monitoring, Control and Expertise (ass. prof. T.A. Makarevich)

– Agroecology (prof. Ya. K. Kulikov)

– Introduction to Speciality (all staff)

– Ecological Physiology (ass. prof. N.G. Eryomova)

– Primary producers (ass. prof. T.A. Makarevich)

– Radioecology (ass. prof. T.A. Makarevich)

– Hydroecology (corresponding member Ostapenya A.P., prof. L.V. Kamlyuk)

– Population ecology (prof. G.A. Galkovskaya, s. lecturer A.A. Zhukova)

– Biotic cycling in ecosystems (ass. prof. T.A. Makarevich, corresponding member V.P. Semenchenko)

Special subjects for students that specialize in ecology:

– Ecological problems of Belarus (prof. Ya. K. Kulikov)

– Ecological biochemistry (ass. prof. of biochemistry department N.M. Oryol)

– Global ecology (prof. L.V. Kamlyuk)

– Special hydroecology (ass. prof. G.A. Semenyuk)

– Ecology of a human being (ass. prof. N.G. Eryomova)

– Ecology of urban surrounding (ass. prof. G.A. Semenyuk)

– Landscape ecology (prof. Ya. K. Kulikov)

– Fish resources (ass. prof. V.G. Kostousov)

– Bioindication of the environmental quality (s. lecturer A.A. Zhukova)

– Soil resources (prof. Ya. K. Kulikov)

Main trends of research and methodological activity of the department:

–  distribution and ecological effects of invasive water species in Belarus;

–  study of population and fenetic structure of coleopterous in swamp and forests;

–  zooplankton communities functioning in waterbodies of urban areas;

–  biodiversity of animals in flood-plain landscapes in Belarus;

–  the increase of agricultural lands productivity based on the optimization of soil ecological factors;

–  the role of attached communities (periphyton, microphytobenthos) in water ecosystems;

–  autotrophic communities functioning in freshwater ecosystems;

–  theoretical basis of teaching and methodical complexes and school biology textbook;

–  working out the system of ecology teaching with the use of modern conceptions of natural sciences;

–  development of new methods of controlling students works;

–  working out and editing the teaching and methodical manuals in ecology.

Key scientific and applied achievements:

–  methodic recommendations on soil optimization have been worked out and approved in Agricultural Ministry;

–  means of sod-podzol and turfy soil optimization aimed at getting of highly productive cultures;

–  methodic recommendations on precipitation tank periphyton use for sewage waters cleansing have been worked out;

–  scientific and methodical base for biota monitoring in drinking water have been developed;

–  the first electronic database on aquatic invaders in Belarus has been created;

–  the differences in fenetic structure of carabus populations in different parts of the republic have been established;

–  the possibility to assess the water quality based on reproduction potential of Crustacea has been ascertained;

–  the reconstruction of some stages of bird subspecies distribution in Holocene on the territory of Belarus has been done;

–  school-books and manuals on biology for 7-11 classes have been written;

Manuals for recent years:

–  Grichik V.V. Plant and animal resources: Lectures course. Minsk: BSU, 2002. 88 p. (in Russian)

–  Makarevich T.A. Ecological Monitoring, Control and Expertise: Lectures course. Minsk: BSU, 2002. 107 p. (in Russian)

–  Makarevich T.A. Ecological Monitoring, Control and Expertise: Manual book for practical trainings and seminars. Minsk: BSU, 2003. 81 p. (in Russian)

–  Kamlyuk L.V. Global ecology: Lectures course. Minsk: BSU, 2004. 127 p. (in Russian)

–  Kamlyuk L.V., Eryomova N.G. et al. Ecological dictionary / Minsk: Narodnaya asveta, 2004. 105 p. (in Russian)

–  Semenchenko V.P. Consumers and Their Role in Ecosystems: Lectures course. Minsk: BSU, 2004. 95 p. (in Russian)

–  Eryomova N.G. Ecology of a human being: Lectures course. Minsk: BSU, 2005. 196 p. (in Russian)

–  Kulikov Ya. K., Grichik V.V. Landscape ecology: Lectures course. Minsk: BSU, 2006. 74 p. (in Russian)

–  Kamlyuk L.V., Lemeza N.A., Lisov N. D. Biology, 10 class: School-book. Minsk: Narodnaya asveta, 2006. 277 p. (in Russian)

–  Мinets М.L., Grichik V.V. The control of knowledge, abilities and skills at biology lessons // Manual book for practical trainings in course “Methods of Biology Teaching”. Minsk: BSU, 2007. (in Russian)

–  Lemeza N.A., Kamlyuk L.V., Lisov N.D. Manual in biology for university entrants. Minsk: Unipress, 2008. 607 p. (in Russian)

–  Semenyuk G.A. Ecology of urban surrounding: Lectures course. Minsk: BSU, 2008. (in Russian)

–  Shalapyonok Е.S., Kamlyuk L.V., Lisov N.D. Biology tests. – М.: Airess-Press, 2008. (in Russian)

–  Lemeza N.A., Kamlyuk L.V., Lisov N.D. Biology in examination questions and answers: Manual book for teachers, coaches and university entrants. Minsk: Unipress, 2008. (in Russian)

Main scientific publications:

–  Mastitsky S.E., Samoilenko V.M. The gravel snail, Lithoglyphus naticoides (Gastropoda: Hydrobiidae), a new Ponto-Caspian species in Lake Lukomskoye (Belarus) // Aquatic Invasions. – 2006. – Vol. 1(3). – P. 161-170.

–  Mastitsky S.E., Makarevich O.A. Distribution and abundance of Ponto-Caspian amphipods in the Belarusian section of the Dnieper River // Aquatic Invasions. – 2007. – Vol. 2(1). – P. 39-44.

–  Mastitsky S.E., Samoilenko V.M. Chironomids (Insecta, Chironomidae) encountered in the mantle cavity of Dreissena polymorpha (Bivalvia, Dreissenidae) // Internat. Rev. Hydrobiol. – 2005. – Vol. 90(1). – P. 42-50.

–  Stedman R.C., Lathrop R.C., Clark B., Ejsmont-Karabin J., Kasprzak P., Nielsen K., Osgood D., Powell M., Ventela A.-M., Webster K.E., Zhukova A.A. Perceived environmental quality and place attachment in North American European Temperate lake districts // Lake and Reservoir Management. – V.23. – 2007. – P. 330-344.

–  Makarevich T.A., Mastitsky S.E., Savich I.V. Phytoperiphyton on the shells of Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas) in Lake Naroch / Aquatic Invasions. – 2008. – Vol. 3(3). – P. 283-295.

–  Grichik V.V. Geographic variability of birds in Belarus: taxonomic analysis. – Minsk: BSU, 2005. – 169 p. (in Russian)

–  Grichik V.V. Intraspecific taxonomy and the problems of bird preservation in Belarus // Vestnik of the BSU. – P. 2. 2006. – № 2. – P. 33–36. (in Russian)

–  Kamlyuk L.V. Protection mechanisms of human organism // Biology: teaching problems. – № 2. – Minsk, 2008.– P. 13-18. (in Russian)

–  Kulikov Ya.K., Gayevsky E.E., Sologub N.S. Soil optimization based on peat and rich soil input / Biology: teaching problems. – № 1. – Minsk, 2006.– P. 49-56. (in Russian)

–  Makarevich T.A. Periphyton contribution to the total primary production in freshwater ecosystems (survey) // Vestnik of the Tumen State University. – № 5. – 2005.– P. 77-86. (in Russian)

–  Мinets М.L., Grichik V.V. Comparison characteristics of the variability of two populations of ground beetles Carabus menetriesi Humm. (Coleoptera, Carabidae) // Vestnik of the BSU. – P. 2. 2005. – № 2. – P. 58-62. (in Russian)

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